The Hangover by Sixpack Tackle


Sixpack Tackle is a handmade line of custom painted wood and molded fishing lures. Lures are carved from sustainably harvested domestic and exotic lumber and painted with non-petroleum based colors and clear coats. Lures are outfitted with single replacement hooks instead of the standard treble hooks to promote fast and safe catch and release.

The Hangover is a slow-floating to suspending crank/jerk bait. The bait is carefully tuned to break to the side and "just sit there" on the pause. The bait excels with a steady retrieve but really shines with pauses, twitches ,and rips. It features a through-wire harness, circuit board lip, and a hand-poured replaceable silicone tail. Despite appearance in the photos, the fork of the hangover's tail is oriented horizontally for maximum stability on the pause. Depending on rod angle and speed of retrieve the hangover is workable from 2' - 8'.

10" 3oz. Use a snap for proper action. Outfitted with Owner hooks and split rings.

The Hangover is entirely handmade and may vary slightly from the images shown.